Welcome to our First Ever First Pick Handmade Home Decor Blog post!

We’ve started as a market focused on Handmade Fashion, but this October we’re bringing a curated collection of Handmade Home Decor to Heritage Hall, which we are very eager to share with you.

Why Handmade? 
Supporting local handmade businesses means we keep skills in our community, with companies run by people with values similar to ours. When we buy from big brands that manufacture offshore, it may be cheaper, but there’s no soul there. The skills to build pieces of furniture, to make lamps, these are useful things to have in our community, to have people who can make something from concept to completion. Eating off handmade dishes, drinking from a handmade cup, these are things that add value and give us an opportunity to pause during our busiest of days.
Most of us have houses full of things, but how many things hold meaning or significance? Our goal is to reconnect people with what’s in their home, to have items where “things” have a story as well as purpose, even if the only purpose is pure joy. 

Why First Pick Handmade Home Decor?
We felt that our concept of exclusively focused items, presented in a casual yet curated manner was a great way to support and showcase all that is made right here. Much like how our all fashion market provides a complete collection to satisfy your fashion needs, our home decor market aims to introduce you to the many makers and designers behind some of our personal favourite brands in decor. Bedding and blankets, vases and candles, all the things to make your space *yours*. Our ethos of “slow living” hold true here as well, with chemical free cleaning products, reusable goods and natural and reclaimed materials.

Watch our posts as we profile the many rooms and collections of what’s on offer at our market, which will be segmented into all the areas of the home: relaxing and entertaining, cooking and dining, sleeping and a marketplace full of gifts and items to enhance your lifestyle.

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